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People as paintings: Alexa Meade at TEDGlobal 2013

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When you’re an artist, everything you see can seem like a canvas, a blank page with the potential for something beautiful. Alexa Meade sees this quite literally, using actual people as both subject and canvas. Painting on a 1-to-1 scale, Meade takes real-life subjects and turns them into paintings, playing with the shadow and light of the human form.

Look closely.

And again:

Meade graduated with a degree in political science and thought she’d get a government job, but when she found this way of creating a portrait late in her college career, it changed the direction of her life. So, instead of moving to Washington, DC, and taking a desk job after graduation, she moved into her parents’ basement and began teaching herself to paint. Her first models were grapefruit, eggs, toast … then moving on herself and her neighbor.

Onstage, she shares a new series of collaborative portraits…

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Making Murals Building Community
A Mural Making Step by Step Guide

Murals are more than just giant paintings.

painting away
painting away

Teachers should think of murals not only as art projects, but as an interactive process that blends collaborative grouping, history, current events, local communities, social change, and leadership skills. Below are some thoughts on what I believe makes a successful mural and a step-by-step introduction to mural making for K-12 teachers.

The following tips are for acrylic paints, but the mural making process can be applied to any of the art materials teachers find at their schools, including markers, crayons, butcher paper, etc.